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An ambience to enjoy the magic of the moment

An intimate space under the original historical vaults of the hotel is complemented with elements of modern design. It is dominated by bricks – typical for older wine cellars – that form the essence giving the restaurant its pleasant ambience. The interior is in contrast to attractive accessories and the charming atmosphere with a twist of Austro-Hungarian heritage is also reflected on the menu. 

Meals harmonising with the local environment

Franz Josef restaurant carries characteristics such as ‘spontaneous’, ‘traditional’ and ‘authenticity in creativity’. The cuisine we prepare, and the chef’s inventiveness are reflected in the respective dishes we serve. Forest mushrooms, herbs, edible flowers from the High Tatras or fresh ingredients. All of the above represent the basic pillars when putting together the tasting menu.

A selection of farmers’ hams and cheese

In the premises of our restaurant and wine cellar, we also placed an original stainless-steel machine used for cutting of home-made hams, cold cuts and smoked meats. The offer is also enriched with a wide range of rich and hearty cheeses from Slovak farms. You may also draw inspiration by selecting a drink from our wine card. In combination with the delicate taste of exquisite hams, flavoursome cold cuts or rich cheeses from our local suppliers, our wines are guaranteed to boost your appetite.

Premium quality wines

Our portfolio features wines from established and prestigious winemakers prized by wine professionals all around the world. Still, you may also select from the production of smaller, family-run wineries with a proven track record and a distinct genuine history. Some of the varieties possess a light body, uncomplicated character, elegance, distinct scent, fulness, or an original intensity of taste. They are served paired with our tasting menu, but our staff will gladly help you with any particular choice that will suit your personal preference.

If you like having a wide choice, enjoy discovering of new flavours and tastes and if you desire to get to know various sorts of wine more intimately, make sure to browse our wine card which will provide you with an outstanding sommelier’s overview of what’s on.

Download wine card (pdf)