Passionate symphony
of flavours and tastes

Gastronomy that drives the appetite

Boldness, a true heart and a passion for first-class gastronomy. These are the words that can best describe the way we typically prepare meals in the Lomnica hotel – dating a long way back to the history of Austria-Hungary. Get to know the magic of selected tastes and flavours, quality coffee, excellent desserts and special wines: our Sissi restaurant will be the ideal place for this sort of initiation together with Franz Josef restaurant and wine cellar or our splendid Mozart café.


A café with a terrace offering a view of Lomnický štít where you can sit down enjoying a cup of coffee and our own hotel-made desserts and sweets.


Nature, freshness and seasonal character are the main ingredients to be explored in the tasting menu by our Sissi restaurant.


Restaurant with a wine cellar is a pleasing choice for those looking for a cosy place to sit down with a glass of high-quality wine while savouring selected cheeses and hams from local farms.


A space for true enjoyment and delight

Enjoying the meals with all senses is a dream of perhaps every single lover of quality cuisine and this is why the well-known saying "Appetite comes with eating" applies even more in the Lomnica. Exceptional delight in the form of proper breakfast from Slovak products, buffet tables, through a great selection of nicely smelling coffee and excellent desserts to evenings spent in one-of-a-kind ambience of our restaurant or wine cellar. All of this will ensure breath-taking moments, just like from a real movie.

ikona Hearty breakfast serving Slovak products

We will gladly welcome you to our breakfast anytime between 7:00 and 11:00 a.m., so you do not need to adjust your timing to the hotel. The Lomnica will adjust to yours.

ikona A harmony of tastes

We do realise that it is not only food what you are looking for in the Lomnica, but a perfectly sophisticated harmony of tastes, flavours and aromas. We transformed them into a unique selection of meals and desserts, prepared with love and dedication by our team of culinary professionals. Regardless of what meal you finally select, you can rest assured it will come as a delightful surprise.

ikona An evening meet-up with atmosphere

Treat yourself to a glass of quality wine or a cigar in a one-of-a-kind ambience under the historical vaults of our wine cellar. Forget about your worries and give yourself some quality time for a peaceful dialogue with somebody important or immerse in the works of art displayed on our premises.

Top-quality local ingredients

From the very beginning, our culinary concept was designed to meet the demands of even the most discerning customers. Therefore, in all of our three stylish gastronomy operations, we combine originality with quality. Selection of quality fresh and seasonal ingredients is a great contribution in this respect. Strictly professionally but with much passion, our team of dedicated experts works to ensure a perfect harmony of wines with the menu, combining tradition and invention in their culinary and sommelier skills.

A team of professionals

In the heart of our philosophy, there is our motto to be fleshy and wild but cultured and refined at the same time. We preserve the traditions, but we also intend to reinvent them while giving them our own twist. We are consistent in what we are doing while adding a little twist of playfulness and ambition. Our cuisine is universal, regional and inspired by the whole world. We follow the cycle of seasons of the year and listen to the language of the nature. We consistently explore and develop our skills, new techniques and ingredients.

Tasting menu
and selection À la carte

Our restaurants deliver a superior culinary experience by offering a perfect combination of ingredients and creative service. Our À la carte menu is inspired by the history of the hotel dating back to the heyday of Austria-Hungary while emphasising the elements of modern gastronomy and seasonal character of ingredients.


We think of everyone

In recent years, we have witnessed an increasing number of people with various food allergies and intolerance requiring strict dietary modifications. To make your life at least a little easier, we think of all your diverse needs in each of our culinary operations. Our range of meals will not only satisfy people with allergies but also vegans. Our helpful staff will gladly assist you in navigating in the menu and provide advice on meal composition. We have adjusted the types of dishes and portions for those of you who are planning to pay us a visit with your little loved ones, so that our offer also features a delightful children’s menu.